10. Literatur und Quellen

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Weiterführende Literatur

  • Aguiar, A. P. (2012): A technique to dry mount Hymenoptera (Hexapoda) from alcohol in a few seconds, and its application to other insect orders. Zootaxa 3412: 53–61. Aguiar 2012.pdf
  • Brecko,J., Mathys, A., Dekoninck, W., Leponce1, M., Van den Spiegel, D. & Semal, P. (2014): Focus stacking: Comparing commercial top-end set-ups with a semi-automatic low budget approach. A possible solution for mass digitization of type specimens. ZooKeys 464: 1–23. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.464.8615
  • Krogmann, L. & Holstein, J. (2010): Preserving and specimen handling: Insects and other Invertebrates. In: Degreef, J., Eymann, J., Monje, J.C., Samyn, Y. & Van den Spiegel, D. (eds): Manual on field recording techniques and field protocols for All Taxa Biodiversity Inventories + Monitoring (ATBI+M). AbcTaxa 7. Krogmann & Holstein 2010.pdf
  • Künne, C. (2015): Die 50-Megapixel-Vollformat-Lüge. DOCMA Blog
  • Nguyen, C.V., Lovell, D.R., Adcock, M. & La Salle, J. (2014): Capturing Natural-Colour 3D Models of Insects for Species Discovery and Diagnostics. PLoS ONE 9(4):e94346. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0094346